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Much of our intellectual elite who think they have ‘the solutions’ have actually cut themselves off from understanding the basis for much of the most important human progress.” Michael Nielsen

 immediately followed by: “People, ideas, machines - in that order” Colonel Boyd

Opening quotes from Dominic Cummings’ Blog - Home page

While it’s indeed unfortunate to see Sajid Javid move to the backbenches, there’s a lot of truth in the old saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand. In this case, it’s the House of Special Advisers (SpAds), not ministers, but the same holds true. I wonder if we ever will discover whether the pre-emption of the HS2 decision by HM Treasury was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

Whatever it was, we now need to look forward - there are major things to be delivered, and they need to focus on people, as Colonel Boyd says above.

So please READ ON .. as this week we look at what a Task Group working with the new HM Treasury/combined SpAd team could achieve in bringing about a more egalitarian form of capitalism, together with reporting on some encouraging 30-year projections from Capital Economics at their Emerging Markets Forum last Wednesday.


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St. Paul's besieged

Welcome to Gavin Oldham's full presentation describing his vision for egalitarian capitalism.

The main set of proposals are as follows:

Egalitarian Capitalism is an alternative to socialism which, while fostering and encouraging enterprise for all, acts to involve and empower people right across society and especially the young. 

Six key steps of egalitarian capitalism

  1. A proper programme of financial education to help people from all walks of life to build a personal store of freely disposable assets.
  2. Setting the conditions for disinter-mediation, in particular reducing the extent of parasitic inter-mediation which separates people from a sense of ownership and control.
  3. Direct share ownership: drawing together employee, consumer and share-owner, providing much improved corporate governance so that individual share-owners can participate fully in the companies in which they have chosen to invest.
  4. Calls for risk to be properly recognised when setting taxation on reward. This means encouraging innovation and continuing to recognise the risks taken by self-employed people.
  5. Addresses inter-generational equity, introducing a programme of incentivised financial learning for the disadvantaged young, fuelled from inheritance tax receipts, to enable them to achieve their full potential in adult life.
  6. Tackles one of the most difficult issues for democratic capitalism: universal benefits. It proposes a new voluntary approach for higher taxpayers to make discretionary payments for using universal, state-run services.


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The Bigger Picture: Downing Street reshuffle and firings & Bloomberg and the Democratic Primaries

Political commentator Mike Indian casts his eye over the runners and riders in the revised cabinet - and what the reshuffle means for the future of the Government. He asks if Dominic Cummings is really the power behind the throne. And he looks at Michael Bloomberg's entry to the Democratic Primaries and explains that becoming President is NOT his aim.

Business of Film: Sonic the Hedgehog

James Cameron-Wilson examines the latest UK box office figures where the newly-released Sonic the Hedgehog is in the #1 spot. Oscar-winning Korean film Parasite rises from #4 to #2 while the new version of Emma enters at #6. Polish erotic film 365 Dni is at #8. For home viewing, James strongly recommends the Colombian-set movie Monos.

This is Money: NS&I and Marcus Bank cut rates - what's the point of saving?

This week, savings have been in the spotlight with National Savings and Investments cutting rates on a number of its offerings, including popular Premium Bonds. Both Marcus Bank and Saga also cut easy-access rates. On this week's podcast, Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost look at what's behind the cuts and question: should savers head elsewhere, and what is the point of tucking money away for little interest? Nationwide Building Society has launched a Start to Save easy-access account with a £100 lottery – is it any good and can it help get people into the savings habit? We cover a curious case of one reader who found their Spotify infiltrated by someone with appalling music taste. Simon reveals how he was stung by the loyalty penalty when a renewal letter came through from his insurer Halifax. It hiked his premium, but after weeks of back-and-forth, couldn't give him a concrete reason as to why. And Lee looks at whether a Fitbit is worth the money and how a fitness tracker helped his mum, with an underlying health condition, become healthier.

Gadgets & Gizmos: Interacting with the new £20 banknote

Tech guru Steve Caplin on how you can interact with Turner's masterpiece on the new £20 note, Jeff Bezos's pledge to save the environment, Samsung's new phones, the Met Police bringing in live facial recognition, an app taking revenge on nuisance calls, the knife that thinks it's a fork and vice versa and ends with organic robots, robot snakes, sweating robots and a giant Gundam robot.

The Top Ten: Children’s Films
Vicky Sayers is joined by film critic and broadcaster, James Cameron-Wilson, to take a trip down memory lane as they discuss some of the most formative children’s films in cinematic history. In this episode: The Wizard of Oz (1939), Miracle on 34th Street (1947), Mary Poppins (1964), The Railway Children (1970), Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), The Goonies (1985), Home Alone (1990), Babe (1995), Millions (2004).
Modern Mindset: The Female Coach for Men

Adam Cox is joined by Maria Egorova, a relationship coach for men. Maria works with those who are struggling to cope with single life after relationship breakdown and divorce, and coaches them to reclaim their identity and gain the confidence to build new relationships. Maria discusses the ways in which men can struggle after a divorce, the tips that can help them to make progress, and why she feels it’s an advantage to be a female coach helping men.

Motley Fool Answers: How to Land a Better Job

Saving, spending, planning — you've got money questions and we've got answers. Every week host Alison Southwick and personal finance expert Robert Brokamp challenge the conventional wisdom on life's biggest financial issues to reveal what you really need to know to make smart money moves. In this week's show, members of The Motley Fool's recruiting team join us with their best advice for how to make your resume and cover letter stand out, nailing a job interview, and how to negotiate a great offer.

The Week That Was And The Week Ahead: HSBC, Lloyds, Morgan Sindall, Smith & Nephew

Joe Healey of The Share Centre looks at recent results from HSBC and Lloyds Bank as well as Morgan Sindall and Smith & Nephew and considers their prospects for private investors. He also looks ahead to what we might expect from Persimmon, IAG and Rolls Royce.

VIDEO: Tracking down £1bn of missing Child Trust Fund cash

Every child in the UK born between 1 Sept 2002 and 2 Jan 2011 has a Child Trust Fund (CTF). But one child in six has lost contact with the money. Gavin Oldham, Chairman of The Share Foundation – which runs the Junior ISA & Child Trust Fund schemes for children in care for the Department for Education - is trying to re-connect them. He talks through the CTF, how to track an account down, and what a child can and can’t do with the money.


In a new partnership with publishers Harriman House, Share Radio has produced its first audiobook 'Superinvestors', written by Matthew Partridge and read by some of Share Radio's best known presenters. 'Superinvestors' lays bare the investing secrets of legendary investors - from early 20th-century figures such as Benjamin Graham and John Maynard Keynes, through to more modern names such as Anthony Bolton and Warren Buffett.

The Share Foundation

How you can help young people in care prepare for adult life by supporting The Share Foundation’s ‘Stepladder of Achievement’ programme.


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