New speech programmes in Share Radio's weekly schedule are broadcast at the following times (please note that all repeat programmes can be found in our podcast library):

Day\time 9 am (after the news) 2 pm (after the news)
Monday Financial Outlook for personal investors Motley Fool Money
Tuesday This Is Money

Motley Fool Answers

The Bigger Picture (3 pm)


Thought for the Week

Gadgets & Gizmos

Modern Mindset

Mini Mindset(s)

Thursday This Is Money The Hypnotist
Friday Financial Outlook for personal investors The Business of Film
Saturday The Bigger Picture

Gadgets & Gizmos

The Business of Film


Monthly programmes*

The Hypnotist (3 pm)

*Monthly programmes include the Talk by the WealthiHer Network, Policy Matters and Economist Questions.

News is available at the top of each hour, and at all other times Share Radio will play out instrumental folk music: please refer to Share Music for more details.